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Lazar Furniture

When looking for beautifully designed bedroom, living room and dining room furniture and you want it to be made in the USA, Lazar Furniture is an excellent choice. In fact, this family-owned company has been crafting fine quality upholstered pieces right here in America for more than three decades. With a high attention to detail and craftsmanship along with one of the best guarantees/warranties in the business, you cannot go wrong when selecting Lazar furnishings for your home.

Perhaps what most sets apart Lazar is the pride taken by their craftspeople when producing each piece to exact specifications. When you take home furniture made by Lazar, you can rest assured that it is made to be sturdy and comfortable while being designed in the latest home fashion. Further, the company uses environmentally conscious materials such as recycled polyester in all its products. They even practice recycling with their vendors to reduce waste and increase recycling efforts.

Would you like a specific type of upholstery on your sofa or other piece for living room, dining room or bedroom? Lazar can do that! Because they have a large, onsite workforce, this company can manufacture furnishings with custom upholstery and have it shipped to our showroom in less than a month’s time. There’s no need to settle for what you see in a catalog or on our showroom floor; just ask any of our designers for the options available to make a piece of furniture that exactly suits your needs and home décor.

Lazar furnishings are well made and finely crafted, but what do they look like? Designed by some of the top names in the industry, such as Stanley Jay Friedman and Rick Lee, you can be sure that these pieces incorporate exceptional style married to the most up-to-date materials and fabrics. All of their collections are available in a wide array of textures, colors and patterns; there is certainly one or many pieces that will look perfect in your home.