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BLOG TOPIC: Design Trends

02. June 2017

6 Summer Interior Design Trends We Love

Summer is here again, and it’s out with the old and in with the new! This year’s summer interior design trends are fun, whimsical, and playful; there are a lot of mixed materials and plenty of color involved. This is a great time to get all of that late “spring cleaning” out of the way to […]

27. February 2017

Finding the Right Shade of Gray Paint for Your Home

Picking the right gray paint color for your walls can provide the perfect clean backdrop for any other colors you may want to use in your room. Although grays come with all sorts of undertones, I have found the safest, most neutral choices for walls are grays with brown undertones. Brownish grays, like Elephant’s Breath […]

28. July 2016

Stylish Go-To Whites: Choosing the Right White for Your Room

There is nothing quite as beautiful as a room painted in a perfect white color. It can lend a subtle, calming, serene feeling to a space and make the smallest room seem airy and more spacious. With walls painted in a white that goes perfectly with the décor, any space will be instantly transformed. Unfortunately, choosing the […]

31. March 2016

Design Trends: an Interview with Eleanor Rigby Leather’s Christopher Thorpe

Who better to talk about design trends than the forward-thinking president of high-quality furniture companies The Eleanor Rigby Leather Company and Abbey Road Design Studio, Christopher Thorpe? Mr. Thorpe was generous enough to take time from his busy schedule and tell us more about what influences the fully customizable pieces in 100% top grain leather […]

Stafford sofa in mustang black leather
25. March 2016

Design Trends: Eleanor Rigby Leather Gives Us a Taste of the Old West

The trend toward organic shapes, raised textures and warm gold and bronze metallics this year lends itself perfectly to a Western theme for interior design. And what furnishings are better than Eleanor Rigby to embrace that earthy vibe? Here are a few pieces we picked from Eleanor Rigby Leather Company’s latest designs to put you […]