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BLOG TOPIC: Eleanor Rigby Leather

31. March 2016

Design Trends: an Interview with Eleanor Rigby Leather’s Christopher Thorpe

Who better to talk about design trends than the forward-thinking president of high-quality furniture companies The Eleanor Rigby Leather Company and Abbey Road Design Studio, Christopher Thorpe? Mr. Thorpe was generous enough to take time from his busy schedule and tell us more about what influences the fully customizable pieces in 100% top grain leather […]

Stafford sofa in mustang black leather
25. March 2016

Design Trends: Eleanor Rigby Leather Gives Us a Taste of the Old West

The trend toward organic shapes, raised textures and warm gold and bronze metallics this year lends itself perfectly to a Western theme for interior design. And what furnishings are better than Eleanor Rigby to embrace that earthy vibe? Here are a few pieces we picked from Eleanor Rigby Leather Company’s latest designs to put you […]

26. February 2016

Eleanor Rigby Leather Chairs for That Cool Retro Look

Recently we’ve been discussing design trends for 2016 and one of those is the demise of complete mid-century modern interiors. That isn’t to say that this classic style is on the outs with designers, but the newest trend is to use furnishings inspired by the 50s and 60s sparingly. What is hot right now is […]

19. February 2016

What Happens When Eleanor Rigby Meets Rolls Royce?

The answer: they make beautiful leather furniture together! But seriously, the relationship between these two brand names is that they both stand for excellence and quality products. Here is why we often refer to Eleanor Rigby as “the Rolls Royce of luxury leather furniture.” Why Is It Called Eleanor Rigby Leather Company? It’s an interesting […]

27. May 2015

Why Every Home Deserves Eleanor Rigby Leather Seating

Some folks think that buying an Eleanor Rigby leather sofa, sectional or chair is a splurge. After all, this leather seating is top-of-the-line and features pieces that are both beautiful to look at and a sheer delight to sit upon. They should be reserved for special uses, perhaps added to a formal living room after […]