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24. January 2014

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Leather (But Were Afraid to Ask)

Leather is memorable. Whether it’s strutting past you on a fashion designer’s catwalk or acting as the distinct centerpiece of a friend’s living room during the Super Bowl. It’s striking; it’s quality; it’s impressive. Here’s what you don’t know: It’s Saving You Money Leather will last. There’s nothing quite like sitting on a deftly upholstered […]

25. November 2013

Sofa Upholstery Fabric – It’s Not Just About Style

  Upholstery fabric is often what provides a sofa with most of its style and character. It is the first thing you notice about a sofa and therefore a defining element of its design. And when you come in to build a custom sofa at Sofa Designers, we know that one of the most important […]

31. October 2013

Do You Know Your Winged Chairs?

The famous wingback or winged chair has a long and illustrious history beginning in 18th century England up until today. Named for the part of the frame that extends from the arm of the chair and then joins to the back to form angled panels or “wings,” the winged chair was originally created to protect […]

25. October 2013

Design Tips from Candice Olson: Drive and Passion Makes for Happy Sofa Shopping

Hunted the world over, ranked as one of the best interior designers around, with not one but two TV shows, and glossy blonde hair to boot, Candice Olson seems to have it all figured out. A huge name in the interior designer world, she’s shared her complete collection with Sofa Designers, one of the only […]

09. October 2013

The Reasons Behind Variations in Leather

Quality leather informs the quality of your leather sofa. Leather can vary in size, color, and texture. From color variations to variations in touch and feel, leather can range from incredibly dark and taut to soft and tawny. While sofas are typically meant to look sleek, pristine and exact in their custom design and execution, […]