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13. December 2012

Candice Olson Home Furnishings

“I believe that the essence of good design is its ability to sustain long term integrity – to become classic and create a truly captivating home.” – Candice Olson Sofa Designers Flexsteel Gallery in San Diego is proud to present Candice Olson home furnishings. Candice Olson is the most recognized and respected Interior Designer in […]

28. November 2012

Think Pink!

Whoever thought the color pink would change our world forever? Pink is worn as a symbol and a badge of honor by those affected by breast cancer. Through this massive wearing of pink both awareness and education have been brought to the forefront and has saved so many lives. Pink is such a wonderfully expressive […]

12. November 2012

Night Cap Anyone?

From time to time I envision myself relaxing in an elegant living room or study enjoying a delicious night cap. However, I am like most people and have very little time (or a study for that matter) to enjoy such extravagances. But, I always make an exception during the holiday season as well as most […]

24. October 2012

Sittin’ On A Cloud

We have all heard the expression “Sitting on a cloud”. Most of us use this expression if we’re in a particularly good mood or if we’re experiencing something wonderful or euphoric. For today, I want you to think of sitting on a cloud in a literal sense. Yes, I know it’s impossible to sit on […]

27. September 2012

“Where Will Your Nana Be Sleeping?”

The holiday season is here. Is your home ready? If you’re like most of us, I highly doubt it. It’s time to ask yourself some simple yet important questions. Where will your guests sit? Where will they sleep? Will everyone fit? Can everyone sit comfortably for football Thanksgiving Day? And….Oh my goodness where will your […]