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08. July 2015

Design Inspiration from the Candice Olson Furniture Collection

There’s a reason that all of us are not interior designers, or furniture designers. It takes a particular eye and a lot of training to envision beautiful furnishings that enhance your surroundings – and that’s what sets Candice Olson apart. Luckily, you don’t need to be an expert in interior design; all you have to do is look to Highland House’s Candice Olson collection of fine furniture for the inspiration you need.

About Candice Olson

You may feel as if you already know Candice Olson – especially if you’ve watched any of her shows on HGTV. But she’s more than just an engaging TV personality; Candice graduated from the School of Interior Design in Toronto. She has loads of award-winning design projects under her belt, all of them infused with the special little touches that portray the “divine design” style for which she is best known. Can’t you just imagine this beautiful Tate chair in any of the gorgeous living room remodels Candice has shown us on TV?

"Just like the Tate sofa, the Tate chair is a client favorite. It has that same deeply pitched, comfortable sit that looks like it wants to give you a hug. I like that! "

“Just like the Tate sofa, the Tate chair is a client favorite. It has that same deeply pitched, comfortable sit that looks like it wants to give you a hug. I like that! “

When it comes to furniture, Candice has taken that divine sense of style and used it to design living room, dining room and bedroom furnishings that are “a fusion of traditional form, scale and proportions, with the clean, crisp, simplistic beauty of modern design.” In fewer words, it’s where modern meets traditional. Classically elegant pieces in the Candice Olson furniture collection, such as this Reeves sofa, are an excellent example of this design philosophy.


“I’m a realist at heart, and my designs reflect that. People don’t live in magazine-photo homes. They live in houses that have kids and pets, and sacrificing function for style is simply unrealistic. I’m constantly challenged to come up with interior designs that work for all types of families and still look fantastic. After all, rooms are for living in, not looking at! For me, Reeves offers that nurturing landing spot at the end of a long day.”

Candice’s Best Design Tips

When it is time to redesign the rooms in your home, Candice has a few tips to make the process smoother. Here are her best suggestions:

  • Take the time to sit down with any of the designers at Sofa Designers and let us know what you really like as far as colors, styles, lifestyle choices and even the places you like to go on vacation. The more we know about you, the easier it is to design rooms that work for you.
  • Ask us to put together a sample board that shows how the upholstery selections of your Candice Olson furnishings pair with the paint, flooring and window treatments in your home.
  • Don’t be married to the original use concept of a room. Sometimes swapping out a living room for a dining room just makes sense and gives you a fresh perspective on how to best use the space.
  • Take pictures of rooms you like. When you visit a commercial space with an appealing design, use it as an inspirational foundation for your own home.

Design Help from Sofa Designers

Of course, we’ll help you with designing your home, too. Did you know Sofa Designers offers personal design service from me or any of my talented colleagues? We begin with getting to know you and your style, then select elegantly designed and quality furnishings, such as those from the Candice Olson collection that fit perfectly into your home, your style and your budget.

There is no one like Candice Olson and her divinely designed furniture for your living room, dining room or bedroom. We invite you to stop into our showroom today and let us help you find the best gorgeous, but highly livable, pieces for your home.