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27. February 2014

Design Philosophy: Create Your Vision

At Sofa Designers and Flexsteel Gallery on Miramar Road in San Diego, we will be happy to help you decide how your distinct vision can come to life. Our many in-house interior designers are at hand to assist you in finding the perfect furniture piece for your home no matter what style, genre or era you choose. As you browse through our 20,000 square foot showroom for decor inspiration, you’ll notice Contemporary, Traditional, Art Deco and Modern pieces can be found at Sofa Designers; and better yet, if you can’t find what you’re looking for you can design your own unique piece because Sofa Designers specialize in custom designs.

Meet Tia, one of our professional interior designers at Sofa Designers.

Meet Tia, one of our professional interior designers at Sofa Designers.

Sofa Designers feature a large quantity of Flexsteel furniture, which is crafted with exceptional care and attention to detail. Flexsteel’s exclusive, lifetime-guaranteed blue steel seat spring delivers unmatched comfort and durability. Durability is key when it comes to your furniture, but just in case your new pet rips through some leather or your child spills juice on the suede cushion, our life-time guarantee will help you replace your cushions without a fuss. A match made in heaven: a unique custom design with unmatched durability and comfort.

Whether Modern, Contemporary or Art Deco, our professional interior designers combine influences, trends, and new technologies without strict adherence to any one design philosophy, all while including designs that blend styles and periods but are streamlined for today’s taste. Art Deco sofas feature bold geometric design elements. Contemporary style sofas add in futuristic curving lines and popping colors with sophisticated touches of embellishment; while Modern sofas feature simple, straight lines with little decoration. Sofa sleepers, such as those featured in our Flexsteel Gallery, were popular during this utilitarian, classic era, when sofas were manufactured to be comfortable and useful as opposed to merely decorative; and that is why they remain popular until today.

You have the option to create your own new piece or peruse the showroom at Sofa Designers to create your perfect backdrop. Whether your 6’10 and want a custom power recliner or your just in the market for an impossible-to-find bright yellow, classic-styled sofa, Sofa Designers will help you bring it to life and deliver it straight to your living room. Sometimes, all you need is some simple, paired down lines and an eclectic fusion of contrasts to enhance your home. At Sofa Designers you are guaranteed to find those iconic pieces that will help you develop a certain type of distinctive pedigree as custom pieces fill your home. We carry sofas from all these eras and more; our savvy Interior Designers are ready to be quizzed to your heart’s content on the historical inspiration of any sofa.

The sofa in your living room should be the defining piece of furniture for the whole household, so why not make it custom to your home? With rows of fabrics to pull from and sample of swatches of both leather and suede, just to name a few; Sofa Designers has all the ingredients necessary for you to construct your custom look. Whether you decide to choose a certain fabric, height or have a unique sofa leg, we can help you create your own masterpiece. Come visit us and find the perfect piece of history to relax on at home.

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