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11. May 2015

How a Quality Eleanor Rigby Leather Sofa is Constructed

A sofa or sectional is often a relatively large expense when furnishing your home’s living room, home theater, family room, game room or office. After all, it’s usually the pièce de résistance of the room and the seat that will get the most use from family members and guests. So it’s important to consider the quality of the sofa’s construction before deciding on the perfect piece. Here’s why you just might consider an Eleanor Rigby leather sofa to be the ideal addition to your home décor.

From the Bottom Up

Let’s consider how each seating piece from Eleanor Rigby is constructed, from the bottom up.

The sofa frame is perhaps the most important part, in terms of quality and durability. The sturdiness of the foundation directly affects all the other components of your sofa, so Eleanor Rigby uses kiln-dried hardwood plus plywood to form the frame. Each frame piece is corner-blocked, stapled and glued for added stability. The frame then goes through a thorough inspection before passing down the line to the next phase of construction.

Supreme Sofa Seating

On top of each sturdy frame is a thick layer of springy, furniture-grade foam that meets California’s strict flame retardancy standards. It is supported by a foundation of fiber board panels and resilient, heavy-duty webbing.

On top of this base are the seat cushions themselves, which are made from cushy, high-resiliency foam. The seat cushions found in many of Eleanor Rigby’s leather sofas use an innerspring system with pocketed coils, much as you would find on a bed of fine quality, while others are filled with the softest down, feather or polyester fiber blend stuffing in addition to the foam cushion.

That plush and comfy feather, down and blended polyester fiber filling is also found in the seat back of each leather sofa and sectional. For added comfort, you will find that many of their sofa models incorporate pillows which are crafted from breathable cotton ticking formed in chambers that help them keep their shape.

Tailored for Your Lifestyle

The exacting construction process used by Eleanor Rigby Leather Company is augmented by the little details which show exceptional quality, such as perfect stitching. Each stitch in the upholstery is carefully and exactly placed after multiple adjustments to ensure your seating piece is as beautiful as it is durable. The process of hand-upholstering these sofas makes them stand out from the machine-crafted, cookie-cutter furnishings you will find elsewhere.

The Finest Leather

Part of that exact tailoring process is selecting just the right leather for each seating piece. Eleanor Rigby Leather Company does not use anything but the finest, top-grain full leather hides in upholstering their sofas and sectionals. What is the point of paying for a well-constructed sofa frame if the leather upholstery material is merely bonded or split? Fine furnishings require fine leather, such as the beautiful Maestro Artisano designs used exclusively by Eleanor Rigby. This is top-of-the-line leather that is colored and distressed by hand to produce uniquely beautiful pieces; it is just one of the types of fine leather upholstery choices available from this quality manufacturer.

When you choose an Eleanor Rigby leather sofa, sectional, chair or recliner, you can rest assured that it has passed rigorous inspection and represents the exceptional quality and enduring style for which this company is well-known.