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27. June 2014

Monochromatic Interiors

Monochromatic color schemes have been a sophisticated and refined interior style for hundreds of years. By monochromatic we simply mean rooms that use one color predominantly. The color can be changed in saturation and hue but it is still basically one color.

The best way to make a room like this work is by using many different textures, sheens, and shades of the color. Rough textures combined with smooth and shiny highlight each other and can make this type of room a showstopping space. Limit the shades of color to four or five, and perhaps only one or two prints combined with the solid tones. Transparent or reflective surfaces such as mirror and glass will add the illusion of more color and lend sparkle.

Monochromatic spaces can work across the board to achieve nearly every style of decor you wish – from shabby chic, country, to contemporary or glam. If done correctly there is nothing boring about monochromatic spaces, as these examples below show. They are truly timeless and beautiful, and create a serene environment in which to live and work. Come by Sofa Designers today and let us help you design the room of your dreams!