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Your bedroom should be a haven of comfort and relaxing style. Look around at yours…does it look like a place where you can unwind and spend time amid attractive surroundings? Does it invite you to enjoy a good night’s sleep or lounge about on a lazy morning? Do you have adequate space for all your belongings or does the room suffer from a lack of storage?

Isn’t it time you took a good long look at your bedroom and decided to update it? You deserve to enjoy a comfortable and well-designed space filled with beautiful furnishings that make you say, “Ah!” every time you set eyes on them.

Your bed is, of course, the centerpiece of the room and as such it requires a lot of care and attention to select just the right one. But don’t forget about all the other pieces necessary to create a warm and restful haven. You can either choose to go with a matched suite of bedroom furnishings or take a more eclectic approach and select pieces in mixed materials and styles.

Depending on whether you prefer a minimalist setting or one filled with lots of cozy furnishings, optional pieces such as wardrobes, jewelry armoires, valets and blanket stands are also nice extras to consider adding to your bedroom.

Of course, Sofa Designers also offers collections of bedroom furniture for guest rooms, teens’ bedrooms and spaces that need to do double or even triple duty as an office or living space by day and sleeping area by night.

If you are confused by the options, let our designers help find the perfect furnishings for your ideal bedroom. We can help you decide on the style you prefer and select pieces that match your lifestyle and your taste. Step up to the beautiful new bedroom you deserve today.