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Do you love the look of a coordinated suite of furniture? Or do you prefer to collect one piece at a time, bringing together different styles, finishes and designs to create a one-of-a-kind bedroom? In either case, Sofa Designers has a wide selection of dressers available to match your bed – or contrast with the other furnishings in your bedroom.

Dressers and chests are the workhorses of the bedroom, providing a place to stow all your things in style. Everybody needs drawer storage for clothing, jewelry, accessories and other items used in the bedroom. Whether you tuck a dresser in your walk-in closet or keep it out in full sight, you want a chest of drawers that is well-designed and allows you to keep all your items organized.

Today, the style options for dressers and chests are nearly limitless. Newer, metallic finishes can live in harmony with traditional wood. Select colors from white to ebony, light oak to deep mahogany. Tall or wide, paired with a mirror or not, you can find a dresser that speaks to your sense of style while being big enough to hold everything necessary.

Whether you are looking for a complete suite of bedroom furniture or a single chest of drawers, Sofa Designers has high-quality pieces from today’s top designers to suit your needs perfectly.