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Do you prefer a pair of matched nightstands on either side of the bed? Or do you like to mix and match pieces that lend an eclectic look to your bedroom while providing a handy place for a clock, a lamp or those items you wish to keep handy at your bedside? Either way, you are sure to find what you need to finish off your bedroom at Sofa Designers.

We’ve got nightstands that are part of a coordinated set, but also offer some of unique and transitional styles that will pair nicely with any décor.

Modern nightstands come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. A new trend is the stepped version of a nightstand, which is wider than the traditional variety and features two different, stepped levels.

Available in finishes from white to dark, metallic to wood and shapes of squares, rectangles and round, there is sure to be a single nightstand or a pair that are perfectly matched to your bedroom’s décor and your sense of style.