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Dining Tables

What is the most significant piece of furniture in your dining room? Why, the dining table, of course! No matter the size or shape, it sets the tone of the room and demands to be seen; it’s the hardest working piece in the room, as well. That’s why selecting the right dining table is so important.

At Sofa Designers, we are proud to offer dining tables – and complete dining room sets – from some of the top designers in the industry. These brands are simply some of the best in regard to offering a wide range of styles, all of them made with exacting care and a great attention to the little details that make a big difference in terms of quality.

No matter your dining room style, we have the designs you will love. From traditional styling to classic, Old World designs and contemporary as well as mid-century modern lines, there is a dining table or dining set sure to please. We also feature eclectic collections and transitional tables perfect for any décor.

If it’s time to redo your dining room – or you are just starting from scratch – come into Sofa Designers to see the wide array of styles, shapes, sizes and finishes in the most popular dining tables available today.