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Custom Chairs Leather

When it comes to comfortable seating combined with a luxurious and sumptuous feel, it’s hard to beat a leather chair made by Flexsteel. This company uses only the finest of leather hides to fashion their handsome accent chairs. They are sure to be the preferred seating in any room where you decide to add one, a pair or even more.

Although the leather of a Flexsteel is luxuriously soft to the touch, it is made to be quite durable. The leather is specially treated to repel punctures, splits, cracks and stains. It is a practical material that both looks and feels wonderful.

A Flexsteel leather chair is built to last. The leather is fashioned by expert craftsman to perfectly envelop the quality wood frame and plush padding of each seat. The frames are extremely strong and reinforced with overlapping joints. They are so strong, in fact, that these leather chairs are guaranteed for life!

But what about style? You can expect the same attention brought to the little details, such as individually nailed trim, as you can to the graceful lines of each piece. While there are many styles to choose from, this line is predominantly transitional, made to fit equally well with traditional as well as contemporary décor.

Customize your leather chair with a choice of wood finishes, pillows and leather color and you’ve got a comfortable seat that is literally made for you!