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Highland House

For many decades, Highland House has long been regarded as a purveyor of fine bedroom, dining room and living room furnishings with a classic style. In fact, the Highland House name has long been synonymous with quality furniture of traditional and finely crafted design.

What can you expect from a piece of fine Highland House furniture? Furnishings that will stand the test of time both from a value as well as a style standpoint. Top-quality fabrics and decorative trimmings pair with fine tailoring to produce pieces of exceptional design, comfort and value that are the perfect way to complement your San Diego-area home – whether it’s located in the heart of the city or farther away from the hustle and bustle.

The prevalent style in the Highland House line can best be described as “traditional.” Classic lines and timeless styles characterize their upholstered chairs, sofas, ottomans and headboards. Some collections are based on antique designs, complete with Old World finishes and details. Distinctive touches of French, Spanish, English and European design are reflected in their French Country, Barclay Butera, English Manor and European Excursion collections. While wood is the predominant material, there are also pieces crafted from metal, mirrors and gilded finishes, such as chests and tables.

While most of the furniture from Highland House is considered traditional design, that doesn’t mean it’s heavy or overpowering. These pieces are stylish and easy to incorporate in any room of your home. They run the gamut from formal to casual and this transitional characteristic makes them perfectly at home with a busy family as well as a couple.

With so many styles and comfort levels to choose from, there is sure to be something from any of the Highland House collections perfect for your taste and décor. When you are looking for the ideal piece to complete your living room or hallway, the entryway or bedroom, you are sure to find it amongst the quality furnishings in the Highland House line.