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Bookshelves & Screens

How often have you looked around your home and thought, “There needs to be a little something right over there?” Sometimes, it is hard to put your finger on the right accessory; a bookshelf or screen might be just the thing to finish off an awkward or overlooked space.

In the Sofa Designers showroom, our displays are meant to show you how to incorporate pieces such as these. Screens are perfect in large rooms where you don’t want to permanently alter the space but do want to separate it. And bookshelves can serve the same purpose while elegantly showcasing all your books, collectibles and other objects.

We have lots of suppliers who have designed bookshelves and screens with contemporary styling. But if your style is more traditional, don’t despair. Most of the accent pieces in this category are made from wood and classically designed so they can easily transition from one style to the next.

Whether you are looking for a bookshelf unit with drawers and doors or a simpler affair, there are plenty of options available from Sofa Designers. And don’t forget to look at the screens that can divide the rooms in your home, beautifully.