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Sectional Recliners

When you have a larger space to fill and you want a sofa that combines seating for several people with the luxury comfort of a recliner or two, a sectional recliner is just what you need.

Our most popular sectional recliners are made by Flexsteel, a company known for its fine craftsmanship and comfort-inducing design. With models upholstered in fine, supple leather or durable fabric of varying textures and hues, there are plenty of options for a sectional sofa with recliners that will perfectly fit into your home.

There’s no need to sacrifice comfort over style, size over functionality. By adding a sectional recliner that incorporates the latest design details with the classic, cozy luxury of recliners, a sofa recliner could be just what you need to bring the ultimate comfort to your living room, family room or game room.

The only thing you need to do is choose the pieces and the finished size of your ideal sofa and we’ll order exactly what you need and want.