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In most home offices, the centerpiece of the room is the desk. The desk often sets the mood and style of the room. What is your taste? What type of décor would you like surrounding you as you work, craft, do homework or attend to family business? After deciding on the tone, choose the desk that will best fit your idea of a creative workspace and be suitable for the space available.

It could be a big, sturdy ell-shaped affair or one with a storage hutch atop. Maybe you prefer a writing desk, a classic style updated to accommodate a computer. Or perhaps the perfect desk is something in between. In any case, the beautiful designs of transitionally styled desks available from our suppliers are sure to wow you with their excellent quality and elegant style.

But you don’t have to settle for a traditional (read, boring!) desk for your home office. Depending on your needs, you could use a dining table, console or even a small task table – the possibilities are nearly endless.

Let us help you reimagine or reinvent your home office space by starting with a beautifully styled and functional desk.