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Orient Express Furniture

For a global sense of style in your dining room, living room or bedroom, Orient Express brings furnishings from around the world to satisfy the tastes of discriminating homeowners right here in San Diego. This company is adept at finding up-to-date styles that are perfect for incorporating in southern California interiors.

The pieces from Orient Express are considered “lifestyle furniture” with a focus on fashion-forward design. Furniture from Orient Express is warm and inviting, meant for entertaining friends and family. Their larger-scale pieces are perfectly comfortable and made to be lived in and on for years to come.

These furnishings are trendy but timeless. They incorporate innovative finishes such as sandblasted veneers that give pieces like dining sets and accent tables an up-to-date industrial look. They also offer upholstered pieces with fine details.

This collection runs the gamut from dining sets to ottomans, bookcases to media cabinets, beds to bureaus and everything in between for your living room, dining room and bedroom.

While you might believe the Orient Express line is focused on Asian designs, it is anything but! The styles range from European-influenced to urban sophisticated to organic freeform and a hint of rustic detail. Much of the collection is offered in light, neutral tones for both wood finishes and upholstery, making it the perfect complement to our coastal California style. These pieces are meant to be comfortable and casual, yet they retain a sophisticated feel with contemporary flair.

Because they retain such a large inventory in their southern California showroom, we can easily order the exact piece of furniture you desire and have it delivered within days. If you don’t see the perfect piece for your home, just ask one of our designers to view a catalog and we’ll have your new Orient Express piece or suite of furniture arriving in short order.