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When finishing off the interior design in your home, it takes beautiful coordinating accessories to pull the look together. That’s what Surya specializes in: pillows, rugs and lighting that are the perfect complement to any lifestyle or décor. In particular, area rugs in a wide array of finely woven textiles are the one home accent for which Surya is best known – and the flagship product of this brand.

The company has been in business for over 35 years, headed by founder Surya Tiwari. Growing up in northeastern India in a tiny village, he was drawn to the bustling atmosphere and booming industry of Mumbai. A visit to the Taj Hotel brought him in touch with representatives of Macy’s, who were there to acquire new products for their US stores. Surya became the go-between contact, gathering hand-woven rugs made by local Indian craftsmen and importing them for Macy’s. This was the humble start of his business, which expanded over the next decade to include a US-based office. Surya’s story is a fascinating view into the vision and entrepreneurship of a single man whose goal was to bring the beautiful crafts of his home country to locations across the globe.

Today, Surya continues to be a family business that is growing and thriving. Their knack is in providing unique items with fresh designs to consumers just like you, eager to decorate their homes and offices with global style. These are luxurious pieces, trendy yet versatile – the kind of accents that have guests to your home remarking on their unusual good looks and style. The wide array of colors, patterns and textures used to make the textiles in this collection truly provide something for every taste.

For the San Diego homeowner, Surya’s bright and colorful pieces with an eclectic style are sure to blend seamlessly with our signature coastal décor. These vibrant and unique accents for your home are sure to make a grand design statement with subtle touches.