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28. July 2016

Stylish Go-To Whites: Choosing the Right White for Your Room

There is nothing quite as beautiful as a room painted in a perfect white color. It can lend a subtle, calming, serene feeling to a space and make the smallest room seem airy and more spacious. With walls painted in a white that goes perfectly with the décor, any space will be instantly transformed. Unfortunately, choosing the right tint of white can be a long and somewhat tedious process. There are thousands of shades of white paint out there, and the swatches look almost nothing like the painted wall. Here are a few tips (and some of my personal favorites!) to help you narrow it down.

As a general rule of thumb, don’t go too white-white (unless it’s for the trim); it can often look too sterile and cold. It’s also best to avoid whites that are too yellow because they appear dingy. It’s best to select shades of white that have either fundamentally cool or warm undertones.

Warm Whites

Whites with warm undertones can range from very light ivory or off-white to deeper tones of cream. These colors look amazing in more traditionally styled homes. Try Antique White 6119 by Sherwin Williams, which is a warm white that feels comfortable and inviting. It’s a wonderful shade of vanilla.

Benjamin Moore’s Atrium White is another wonderful choice for a traditional palette. This particular shade of white has peachy undertones, almost like candlelight. Sailcloth White by Benjamin Moore is another lovely warm choice. Pair either of these with Sherwin William’s Extra White on the trim and molding; the contrast will make the room really come alive.

Cool Whites

Cool pure whites have grey or blue undertones to them. They look great in contemporary spaces, providing a feeling of openness and newness. A great choice is Pure White 7005 by Sherwin Williams. Paint the molding in bright Extra White and remember to use a gloss finish for the trim if you want to achieve a more modern feel.

Another choice for a cool palette is Dover White 6385 by Sherwin Williams. If you’re in the mood for some drama, paint the wall in Dover White and the trim in a true black – the high contrast is a great background for just about any other accent colors. The combination of black and white will also really open up a small space. It’s incredibly chic!

Lastly, a safe rich go-to white is Benjamin Moore’s Dove White 960, which is as close as it comes to the perfect white. It’s not too cool, too warm, or too overly white. It seems to pair nicely with almost all colors, plus it works as well in a traditional space as it does in a modern space. I find it looks soft and lovely at all times of day in either dark or bright rooms. Most importantly, it will give your home a clean backdrop so that your favorite furnishings, art, and architectural details can take center stage.

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[image: johnsnow.bunsh.co]